Arizona, Extended Stay 2023

Located in The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix Arizona and the Greater Phoenix area is a wonderful oasis for winter vacationers. Few places in North America can boast as many days of sun the in calendar year. The dry warm desert climate moderated by four major rivers that converge here is extremely healthful.


IRELAND The Emerald Isle “Manor Royal” June 2023

From magnificent castles, unparalleled landscapes, unique traditional music heritage, to a delightful food culture and ancient monastic sites, this embodies Ireland and more. This fascinating journey will start with arrival in Dublin. Giant’s Causeway, Waterford, The Cliffs of Moher, and the Ring of Kerry are just a few tour highlights, with special focus on the unique experiences of Irelands many Manors and Castles.


Norwegian Fjords – June 2023

Norway boasts some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. With mountains that plunge into the sea from hundreds of meters above, fairytale fjords that will take your breath away, and the midnight sun, this itinerary is a once in a lifetime journey not to be missed. If the unsurpassed serenity of nature, wildlife and maybe a little Viking heritage is your interest, this is for you! Little known fact…Did you know that Norway ranks continuously in the top ten happiest Countries in the world?