Sicily & Malta, May 2023

The islands of Sicily and Malta are located in the Mediterranean Sea, with Sicily being the largest island in the Mediterranean and Malta being one of the smallest. Sicily is part of Italy and has a rich history of Greek, Roman, Arab, and Norman influence. It is known for its stunning coastline, baroque architecture, and ancient ruins such as the Valley of the Temples.


Japan, Land & Transpacific Cruise Tour to Alaska- April 2024

Visiting Japan is a remarkable experience, a blend of ancient traditions and the cutting-edge modern. Peaceful temples and shrines, beautiful gardens meticulously designed and maintained, art, and historical site are just a few reasons why Japan is must visit. Japanese cuisine is renowned worldwide for its fresh ingredients, exquisite presentation, and diverse flavors. Do not miss the chance to savor sushi, ramen, tempura, and more. Japan also has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. Considered one of the safest countries in the world, making it an ideal destination for travellers.


Mediterranean Cruise, Oct 2024

Thanksgiving is over and it is time for you! October is the perfect time to get away and enjoy the warm fall temperatures with an adventure in Europe. Cruising the Mediterranean is a dream cruise itinerary in itself. Add to this the romantic charm of Venice Italy with two pre-cruise nights, and this itinerary is dynamite.


IRELAND The Emerald Isle “Manor Royal” June 2024

From magnificent castles, unparalleled landscapes, unique traditional music heritage, to a delightful food culture and ancient monastic sites, this embodies Ireland and more. This fascinating journey will start with arrival in Dublin. Giant’s Causeway, Waterford, The Cliffs of Moher, and the Ring of Kerry are just a few tour highlights, with special focus on the unique experiences of Irelands many Manors and Castles.