Project Description


SHAW FESTIVAL & Niagara-on-the-Lake
October 6 – 8, 2022
3- Day Tour   

Niagara-on-the-Lake holds a world-class theatre at the Shaw Festival and is also the number one Food and Wine destination in Canada. Shopping and dining are outstanding, and we stay at one of the fine Vintage properties, Queen’s Landing. Staying right in Niagara-on-the-Lake puts you just steps away from theatres & dining. A very pleasant choice in your leisure time can be a self-directed walking tour, complete with map and descriptions, or a tour of Historic Fort George, just off Main Street. We will settle in and have a wonderful dinner together the first evening, followed by our first show at The Festival Theatre. Look forward to an included Winery Tour & Tasting at one of the newer wineries in the Peninsula. Fresh weekly roasted peanuts in every form imaginable can be found at Picard’s Outlet which we will also visit.

Shaw Festival Shows are staged at four possible theatres all on Queen Street. There is excellent variety in your THREE INCLUDED SHOWS this season.

  • Damn Yankees is a delightful, fast-paced, crowd-pleasing, romantic comedy, with keen interest to baseball fans and non-fans alike.
  • Gaslight, a gripping thriller. Is Bella losing her mind or worse?
  • The Doctor’s Dilemma is one of Shaw’s most popular plays about medical ethics.

Nothing can compare to staying right in the heart of Niagara-on-the-lake where high tea is a daily event, and a horse drawn carriage waits to show you about town in comfort!

Treat yourself to a very special three days.

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Inclusions and Costs


  • Transportation via Deluxe Motorcoach
  • 2 Nights’ Accommodation at Queen’s Landing (Vintage Propertie)
  • Reserved seats Shaw Festival for Yankees, Gaslight & Dilemma.
  • 2 Full Breakfasts & 1 Dinner
  • Wine tour & Tasting
  • Luggage Handling
  • All Taxes and Gratuities on Inclusions
  • Cancellation Insurance*
  • Jolly Tour Director

* Surcharge may apply to upper age categories

Room Occupancy Cost Per Person
Double $1,299  (Taxes incl. $129.71)
Triple $1,259  (Taxes incl. $124.55)
Single $1,549  (Taxes incl. $158.18)

Deposit $350 Per Person Upon Registration

Balance Due Date:  05 August 2022


“That boy would go to hell for his team”

Damn Yankees

Joe Boyd is an out of shape, middle-aged man who has the misfortune to be a Washington Senators fan. One deal with the devil later, he is Joe Hardy, a young ball player with a knack for hitting home runs. Can he help his favourite team finally beat the powerhouse New York Yankees? The final score: a delightful, fast-paced, crowd-pleasing, romantic musical.

“I know it sounds mad, but – I think there is something, someone, up in the attic”


Bella Manningham thinks she’s losing her mind. In the evenings, she hears strange sounds and the gas lights dim for no apparent reason. But is she losing her grip on reason, or is it being loosened for her? Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play gave us the word we now use for an insidious form of mental abuse. This new adaptation from Johnna Wright and Shaw’s own Patty Jamieson is a gripping thriller: will the gaslight have its intended, murderous, effect?

Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh”

One of the most popular Shaw plays we have presented in our 60 years, this exploration of medical ethics has again found its moment. If one patient can only live at the cost of another’s life, how on earth do you choose? What is the value of a human life? Questions which have never lost their urgency are brought to thrilling life in this tragicomic tour de force..