Jolly Tours Cannabis Policy outlines our policy regarding the use and possession of Cannabis on a tour since legalization.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

As of October 17th, 2018, cannabis is legal in Canada, however, cannabis remains an illegal substance at the federal level in the United States (USA).  Failing to declare leisure and / or medicinal cannabis products when you enter Canada, or the US can result in enforcement action, including arrest and prosecution.  The law applies even if the International Border crossing is in a state where cannabis is legal.

  • Under no circumstances can an individual attempt to cross the International Border in either direction with cannabis or cannabis containing products. Any attempt to cross the border with cannabis can lead to a lifetime ban from the US, along with serious criminal penalties.
  • Previous use of cannabis and/or prescription-use cannabis can also result in the same inadmissible designation.
  • Any involvement in the legal cannabis industry in Canada, including being a “shareholder”, can also deem a person inadmissible for life.

Once deemed inadmissible, the only option to seek admissibility to the US, in the future, is to apply for waivers which can be costly and time-consuming.

Tour and Motorcoach regulations:

The motorcoach is the workplace of the Driver and Tour Director and as such, must be a safe environment free of tobacco smoke, alcohol, and cannabis in any form.  Any detected residue of cannabis products left behind on the Motorcoach can cause extreme difficulty and /or refusal by officials to allow any future motorcoach crossings at any International Borders

  • Jolly Tours can not under any circumstance permit the use or transport of leisure or prescribed medicinal cannabis (regardless of having a valid prescription) by any person on any tours whether International Borders are crossed or not.
  • Should any passenger be found to be using or carrying cannabis in any form whether for leisure or medicinal purposes while on the motorcoach; or denied entry at an International Border the passenger will be immediately required to leave the tour and return to their place of residence at their own expense. A full cancellation charges of the tour will apply.