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All our tours provide the services of an experienced Tour Director where noted in the inclusions.

Open to the General Public

Most itineraries are available to travelers of all ages except very young children. Persons under the age of 19 (Canada) 21 (USA & Overseas) must be accompanied by an adult.

Smoking & Alcohol Policy

For the comfort of everyone, smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Motorcoach.

Smokers may take advantage of the frequent stops. With the majority of hotels and properties now offering non-smoking facilities and accommodations, should you wish to have a smoking room, this can be accepted as a request only and will be determined only by the availability, if any, of smoking rooms at the subject property(s).


Seats may not be reserved in the Motorcoach; they are first come, first served. A rotation system is used whereby you change seats at the discretion of your Tour Director on overnight and multiple day tours.


Prior to tour departing, you will be sent your tour package which will contain a detailed itinerary, luggage tags, insurance particulars, where applicable, and a complete listing of hotels with phone numbers. This is sent to each client prior to tour departure date, electronically or by mail.


Reservations will be confirmed when the deposit is received in the amount indicated on individual trip descriptions. Registrations can still be accepted up to 48 hours prior to tour departing, provided the tour is not sold out, and provided Jolly Tours can secure all components advertised.

Holding Seats

Tentative reservation requests will be held for ten days pending receipt of required deposit. This policy is not available if the tour you are requesting space on is to depart within 30 days of the day you are requesting to hold a seat and / or the balance due date on the tour has already passed. In this case, full payment is required at the time of registration (within 24 hours). No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Tour Prices

Canadian Dollar prices listed are per person based on single, double, triple & quad occupancy. All taxes where applicable are included and indicated. Prices are based upon costs and conditions at the time of printing (February 2020) and are subject to change. Please note: Jolly Tours may not be able to guarantee brochure rates after tour balance due date on group tours that include air & or cruise. Also, prevailing rates for hotels and theatre or other tickets may apply on some tours for last minute bookings. There are no refunds for un-used components of your tour should you decide not to participate, nor will Jolly Tours alter the structure or pricing of a tour to exclude components you do not wish to include or take part in.

Medical Insurance

For your own safety and protection, we always recommend that you have adequate medical insurance when traveling outside of Ontario. Jolly Tours has partnered with Manulife Insurance and would be pleased to advise you of the options available to you.

Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance

Cancellation & Trip interruption insurance is included when noted on each itinerary. *Cancellation Insurance protects your dollars paid should you need to cancel. The terms and conditions of this insurance are specifically outlined in the insurance policy. You must advise our office within one day after the cause of cancellation occurs otherwise reimbursement may be reduced by the Insurance Company. If you have a pre-existing condition, please inquire about your insurance validity at the time of booking. In general, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, your Condition must have been stable prior to your registration date in order for the policy to cover in case of cancellation due to this illness. Cancellation due to illness requires a written Doctors letter. In the event of cancellation, transfer of monies from one person to another cannot be made due to regulations. Therefore, the person who has cancelled must advise Jolly Tours of their cancellation as well as the applicable insurance carrier for refund. The person who is replacing, will need to pay for their tour in full. If a person is traveling with a partner whether it is Double, Triple or Quad, and replacement is not found, the remaining travelers will be charged for the change in occupancy.

For example: Two people traveling together find that one needs to cancel, then remaining partner will be charged the difference from double to single. In all instances, Jolly Tours needs to be notified of the cancellation within 24 hours.

There will be a $50 + tax change fee levied to change room occupation on a deposited registration.

* Surcharge may apply on cancellation insurance premium in upper age categories.


The Following Cancellation Charges Apply List of Charges for Motorcoach only tours of 7 days or less in Canada and United States:

Up to 60 days before departure – full refund, less a minimum $50 + tax administration fee per person. 59 days to departure day – 100% of tour price non-refundable

List of Charges for Motorcoach only tours of 8 days or more in Canada and United States:

Up to 90 days before departure – full refund, less a minimum $50 + tax administration fee per person. 89 days to departure day – 100% of tour price non-refundable

List of Charges for tours which involve air flights and cruises:

Up to date of full payment, the charge is non-refundable deposit. From the time of full payment to departure day – 100% of tour price is non-refundable.


Day Trips – Review New Terms

1.) Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Debit, Cash, and Cheques are all accepted forms of payment for Daytrips

2.) At the time of booking, there are two options for protecting your Daytrip purchased at Jolly Tours.

i) For Daytrips costing up to $149.00, protection is available at a cost of $10.00 + HST per person ($11.30)

ii) For Daytrips costing $150.00 and over, protection is available at a cost of $20.00 + HST per person ($22.60)

Protection purchased above gives you the following coverage:

  • Up to 24 hrs. before the trip departure you can make one full name change on your ticket / receipt without administration fees or charges from Jolly Tours. Should the trip be on a Saturday or Sunday, Jolly Tours must be advised officially of this name change by 5:00 pm close on the Thursday prior to the trip. All name changes must be advised to Jolly Tours prior to 24 hours as outlined above, if a person arrives for a day trip who is not registered they will not be permitted to participate in this trip. No exceptions can be made to this policy.


  • Up to 24 hrs. before the trip departure you can cancel your Daytrip for full refund, except for the protection premium without administration fee. If your trip is on a Saturday or Sunday, Jolly Tours must to be advised officially of this cancellation by 5:00 pm closing on the Thursday prior to the trip. If your trip is on a Monday, Jolly Tours must to be advised officially of this cancellation by 5:00 pm closing on the Friday prior to the trip. No exceptions will be made to this policy. Within 24 hours of departure of your Daytrip, no changes or modifications will be accepted and is 100% non-refundable.


Should you request and make a name change to another person, the terms of this protection does not extend to the newly named person meaning, that newly named person cannot than request to be refunded under the terms of this protection policy or name someone else in their place.

Should you not wish to purchase Daytrip protection at the time of registration, your Daytrip is 100% non-refundable from the date of purchase. No name changes, transfer of tickets and / or refunds will be offered. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Upon arrival at Jolly Tours office for departure on every daytrip, please be prepared to present your photo identification to your Jolly Tour Director before boarding the Motorcoach.

Tours in Conjunction with Other Operators

Prices, terms, conditions, scheduling changes, deposits, refunds and all other matters advertised in conjunction with other tour operators and cruise lines are subject to the terms and conditions as published by each operator including Jolly Tours and are subject to changes / cancellations with notice, although should you be a registrant on an effected Tour, Jolly Tours will contact immediately upon learning of a change.

Jolly Tours partners with and contracts with many thirdparty suppliers who may provide travel services such as flights, cruises, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, car rentals or other activities included in your tour. Jolly Tours makes every effort to deal with only the most reputable suppliers, however Jolly Tours is not responsible for any acts and / or omissions by any third-party suppliers, their employees, representatives or agents. Jolly Tours is not responsible for any schedule changes, re-routing or changes related to any cruise itineraries, flight schedules, hotels, changes in itineraries, where applicable. Living standards and practices at destination as well as the standards and conditions with respect to the provision of services and accommodations may differ from those found in Canada.

* Each end supplier and Jolly Tours Ltd. reserve the right to re-instate a fuel supplement or price change due to currency fluctuation changes for all guests at any time.

Any EBB Bonus’s offered by third partner supplies can be withdrawn at any time.

** For all programs involving Air, guests are personally responsible for the cost of any baggage fees with the airline(s).

To Download a copy of our Terms & Conditions:

Jolly Tours T&C February 2019


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As of October 17th, 2018, cannabis is legal in Canada, however, cannabis remains an illegal substance at the federal level in the United States (USA).  Failing to declare leisure and / or medicinal cannabis products when you enter Canada, or the US can result in enforcement action, including arrest and prosecution.  The law applies even if the International Border crossing is in a state where cannabis is legal.

  • Under no circumstances can an individual attempt to cross the International Border in either direction with cannabis or cannabis containing products. Any attempt to cross the border with cannabis can lead to a lifetime ban from the US, along with serious criminal penalties.
  • Previous use of cannabis and/or prescription-use cannabis can also result in the same inadmissible designation.
  • Any involvement in the legal cannabis industry in Canada, including being a “shareholder”, can also deem a person inadmissible for life.

Once deemed inadmissible, the only option to seek admissibility to the US, in the future, is to apply for waivers which can be costly and time-consuming.



This new law poses many difficulties for the travel industry at large.  The Motorcoach is the workplace of the Driver and Tour Director and as such, must be a safe environment free of tobacco smoke, alcohol and cannabis in any form.  Any detected residue of cannabis products left behind on the Motorcoach can cause extreme difficulty and /or refusal by officials to allow any future Motorcoach crossings at any International Borders

  • Jolly Tours will not under any circumstance permit the use or transport of leisure or prescribed medicinal cannabis by any person on any tours whether International Borders are crossed or not.
  • Should any passenger be found to be using or carrying cannabis in any form whether for leisure or medicinal purposes while on the Motorcoach; or denied entry at an International Border the passenger will be immediately required to leave the tour and return to their place of residence at their own expense.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward too many fun, safe and happy voyages together. If you have any concerns with the information in this document, please feel free to contact our office.